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“PartySlush” Frozen Cocktail Machine

One thing that makes or breaks a party is the food and drink.

Smart Party Hosts are always on the lookout for the hottest treats and beverages to offer guests,

and the current tread is fun frozen drinks. A Frozen Cocktail Machine allows guests to skip the usual softdrinks & instead sip on a fruity frozen treat.

Melbourne Entertainment Express makes it easy for the host, as we will deliver the machine, pick it up after the event, and provide your Guests with fantastic flavors!

These are great for office parties, birthday parties, Weddings, Receptions, and more. Entertainment Express will provide everything you need to make the slushy’s all you provide is the Alcohol!

This allows hosts who wish to serve alcohol the option to do so, and those that do not want alcohol at their party can serve drinks without any optional add-ins.

These machines allow options for serving traditional frozen cocktails, as well as daiquiris and margaritas.

Don’t forget Melbourne Entertainment Express also offers karaoke machines, jukeboxes,

Photo booths, fog machines, Disco Lights and much more to help set the party mood and keep guests entertained.

Melbourne Entertainment Express offers Great Package Prices and discounts for customers who combine other equipment with their Hire!

Along with seasonal deals and monthly specials. Contact us now for more information or select the Book Now button to get your Party off to the right Start!

Click on the LEFT images to see the flavor detail