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Hire a Photo Booth Melbourne

PartySnap Photo Booth Hire

After jukebox party hire, Party photography forms a very important part of an event. These are visual records of family and friends who attended your party.

Photos are one of the most precious possessions of yours, that allows you to refresh your memory, and relive those moments again and again.

When you think of photos, you obviously think of photographers, which is great! But have you thought ideally how many photographers do you need to cover the entire party, so that not a single face attending your party goes missing from the photographs? Well, quite a few, which makes it quite an expensive affair, right? So, what can be done instead? A PartySnap Interactive Photobooth!

Cheap Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

We, at Melbourne Entertainment Express, offer you two great Solutions!

Photo Solution Number 1.

First Option is an absolutely D.I.Y Photobooth. Our Drivers set up the system for you; instruct you how to use it, and then your guests easily take care of the photos themselves! This is also an “All Night” hire if required.

Photo Solution Number 2.

Option number two is we can Deliver & Host the PartySnap for you. Our Driver will set up the system for you in the right location; this includes our new PartyCube which is the latest in Inflatable party cubes that turns the PartySnap into a fully enclosed booth for even more fun! An hour hire is included for the price!

Features of our PartySnap Photobooth:

  • Permanently online for making it social media friendly, allowing your guests to upload to Facebook and email pics to family and friends
  • It has interactive Greenscreen, so that your guests can click themselves against several fun backgrounds.
  • It comes with the latest dye-sub printer that comes with over 700 shot paper roll.
  • Zytronics touch screen and small form embedded PC, two of the most dependable units in the market.

Why choose us?

  • We are one of the most affordable providers of party equipment for hire in Melbourne
  • We offer a totally D.I.Yor Attended booth
  • We deliver it and set it up at your house or venue
  • We are one of the few photo kiosks that is online, allowing your guests to immediately upload to Facebook*.
  • You Also get the traditional 6×2 strip snaps

*Facebook uploads subject to Telstra mobile sim signal strength